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Celebrating ADHD Women 40+ who are ready to "reset" their lives, embrace their ADHD and FLOURISH!

Glad to meet you!

I'm Linda Roggli - clueless about ADHD until my late 40's when peri-menopause pulled back the covers and voila! There it was! "Classic ADHD" one psychiatrist called it. I was insulted!

Then I found out more and more about ADHD in women and realized, "Oh, that IS me after all." I am kinda "out of the box" much of the time.

“Never a dull moment.” That’s what they’ll write on my tombstone, when I leave this plane and transition to the next. Why be bored? Or boring? Makes no sense to me when life is so full of interesting, exotic and exhilarating experiences. Over the years, I’ve:

  • floated "up" the Nile and back again to see the pyramids.

  • written an award-winning book
  • been scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef
  • piloted an airplane
  • eaten way too much cheesecake on occasion
  • reveled in the smell of newly mown grass
  • lost too many beloved pets
  • sweated on the elliptical
  • listened to my own coaching sessions without cringing
  • went through labor a second time
  • learned to say “I love you” to my dad
  • visited the ruins of ancient Rome and Greece
  • lightly brushed treetops in a hot air balloon
  • loved and lost and loved again
  • been on-camera for a story about a truck that overturned while hauling hauling honey bees to Florida
  • taken the GMAT and LSAT and GRE but never went to grad school
  • been chubby, then thin, then chubby, then menopausal!
  • looked high and low for the Real Me and finally found her right here all the time.

Although I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1995, or so (who can remember?), I alternated between Denial and Relief and Sorrow for years. Until I hit menopause. Or maybe it hit me. I RAN to the doctor for some ADHD meds. I truly knew what it felt like to have NO BRAIN.

Eventually, I regained a sense of myself and today I can honestly say that I like me. Love me, actually. It took a lot of support from my wonderful and amazing husband, Victor. And I conquered my low self esteem and stopped overcompensating for my ADHD.

Finally I realized that taking care of myself is the deepest form of honoring the sacred intention that is part of being alive: to BE a human being. I discovered that being exactly who I am, remembering that I am a spiritual being having that proverbial human experience, is the way I live a life full of grace. And that’s all that matters.

Sure, I have diplomas on the wall, a bunch of awards. For years, I filled up my life with marketing and advertising and reporting and TV and radio and newspaper and development. I owned my own advertising firm for more than a decade. And there were marriage(s), children, pets, civic commitments, meetings, meetings and more meetings.

Yet it’s only been in the last few years, when I retrained as a retreat facilitator through the Conversations with God Foundation, as a spiritual life coach with Coach for Life and as a facilitator of Speaking Circles, that I fully came into myself. Now I love helping people move into that same space of vitality and energy. Everyone finds it at a different level, like a tuning fork seeking its true resonance. And it happens for ADHD folks just like it does for “regular” folks.

Why You Should Join Me

ADHD Women are often diagnosed at midlife or menopause, when hormones go crazy. But an ADDiva (pronounced “ay-dee-DEE-va”) can come out of her (disorganized) closet at any age.

We ADDivas (women with ADHD) are notorious for trying to hide our ADD-ish tendencies (it rarely works by the way), but you can get past the piles and the procrastination with a little help from the ADDiva Network.

Then you can emerge as the truly talented, amazing woman you are. And do it because (not in spite) of your ADHD.

You’ll be supported with opportunities to attend webinars from top ADHD experts, explore articles about ADHD women’s transformation journeys, add on exclusive programs and courses to continue your learning, and most importantly, connect with other ADHD women, as you move through the Three Big Stages of living with and loving ADHD. 


…which translates to: Omigosh I have ADHD, let’s fix it! This stage includes diagnosis, medication, therapy, support groups, (re) organizing and structure, and may induce a flurry of activity (hyper-focus anyone?).


…e.g. the “I’ve tried everything and I still have ADHD!” stage. This can be alternately disheartening and enlightening. Now you have a chance to put your arm around your ADHD and make it your friend. You might even find out you like yourself… a lot!


…also known as the “I deserve to live my dreams, darn it!” stage that unlocks your passion and purpose. It’s my belief that ADHD women have so much unrealized potential inside themselves that, when released, could change the world. Absolutely. Positively.

That’s what the ADDiva Network is all about — opening the door to the vast reservoir of frustrated possibilities that live within all of us, especially ADHD women who were diagnosed after age 40, when life becomes more precious.

So come on in.

We’ve been waiting for you, dear friend.